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This is Africa calling! You call it Africa, we call it home. We warmly welcome you to this blessed land, with its breath-taking landmarks, pristine mountains, valleys and extraordinary people Africa is your home away from home, the last bastion for exhilarating wildlife excursions with lasting impressions, high adrenalin mountain climbing vintages and exquisite landscapes that spoil you for choice on which destination to pursue-plenty of wonderful attractions The scenic Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania defiantly rolls over East Africa, superintending over serene wildlife estates and animals, which roam freely in the region’s famous forests It is one of the World’s 7th Wonders. We proudly call it “The Roof of Africa”, a true Pride of Africa! Then there is the beautiful Mount Meru in Tanzania, Mount Kenya, and the free-spirited Rwenzori in Uganda-the Land of the Impala

If you choose Tanzania, it’s rolling plains and rugged remote out backs will lead you into the impressive Ngorongoro, which confronts you with pleasant surprises, with its world-acclaimed crater Serengeti, Manyara, Tarangire and Mikumi are so amazing! You surely need to luxuriate on Zanzibar’s clean beaches, which greet you on the Indian Ocean’s shoreline So, how do you get there? At Hortensia Adventures, our pride lies in our capacity to distribute love all over the world

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Just for you, we have prepared wonderful packages for your mountain climbing excursions to add to memorable Safaris. If we say we are second to none, we surely mean it!
Our promise to you is to offer you tailor made packages that suit your needs, and accomplish this by guiding you through excitement, breath-taking and fascinating adventures into East Africa’s unspoilt wonders! You will like it!

We have luxury prices, and we are ready for Midrange prices. We give you a choice to join group tours, or to feast on East Africa’s prime resorts and destinations privately. We recognise the moral support provided by people in different groups, and at your disposal are huge discounts specially made to help everyone to achieve their dreams to understand the cultures, food and other jewels that lie in the landscapes that patronise this “Best Kept Secret” called Africa By this, we mean we are ready for women’s groups students, people with disabilities, volunteer groups and charities.

In other words, Hortensia Adventures in a melting pot of choices when it comes to African adventures. So, please join us to help you unwind and have fun, as we take a journey through Africa’s unrestrained hospitality!